Congratulations to the KIng and Queen

The king and Queen have been crowned in a historic ceremony and both waved to the crowds shortly afterwards from the Buckingham Palace balcony wearing their crowns. This is a great moment in England’s history. The balcony greeting was introduced to the public by Queen Victoria it was her way of bringing the monarchy to the people and it has been part of royal tradition ever since. But it was evident from who was on the balcony and from where people sat in the Abbey that this Coronation was surrounded by controversy! There are issues such as Harry and Megan , Princess Diana and a financial crisis most British people are feeling overwhelmed by. A sad sighting was seeing Harry three rows back. Many believe his book Spare has rocked the monarchy and certainly it has raised questions about their connections to the press and their values. But historically we have to acknowledge that circumstances and happenings definitely determine events. Had Queen Elizabeth’s uncle not abdicated over Mrs Simpson she would not have become Queen!  Comparisons between Charles and his mother will continue throughout his reign no doubts. Charles saving grace is his caring for the planet.

Let’s now discuss the ceremony; one very notable thing about today was Penny Mordaunt’s role as the Lord President of the Council. She is also an MP and leader of the House of Commons. She is the first woman to have carried out this part of the ceremony and we saw her carry the 17th century Sword of State into the Abbey and exchange it for the jewelled Sword of Offering, which she delivered to the archbishop. She then carried the latter for the rest of the service and walked with it in front of the king as he left the abbey. This symbolises royal power and the king accepting his duty and knightly virtues. I believe again here events can influence the future as Penny was a serious contender in the leadership contest and may now have risen to the forefront again as a possible leader. Especially whilst the conservatives have  experienced the worse local election results possible giving Rishi Sunak  a few worries about his future I can imagine.

A few other notable moments caught my attention one being the addition of a gospel choir this gave an ancient ceremony a modern twist.
I also believe any blog on the Coronation  must include the dedicated royalists who take to the streets days before just so they can catch a glimpse of the royals. Many come from abroad it seems .

The second carriage was a present from the Australians more modern than the first of course and I hear more comfortable because of the suspension.
Lonf Live the KIng