Why Choose a Tutor Like Me for 11 Plus

Hi I am Elisa Gianoncelli an educational consultant , exam specialist and published author. I have been tutoring children with great success for grammar school and independent school entry since 1996 via my school Kidslearnfast.

I am not a test center.  I believe in developing the unique aspects of the individual through vocabulary,  general knowledge and creativity. I have produced a programme which is made up of 6 volumes titled  “Everything you need to pass your exams and more.”  I use this bespoke collection with my 11 plus pupils making learning both fun and productive.

Whether a child is falling behind at school , prepping for an exam or anything else I will develop my lessons for your child around his/her individual needs and aims. I will strengthen weaknesses and provide them with the tools needed to succeed on their own. I test regularly but more importantly I teach and prepare in all areas. Understanding all subject areas fully is of  vital importance. I leave no stone unturned.

My pupils are prepared for the second round of the grammar school exams as well as the first round from day one. I know that to succeed you must be fully prepared and perfect in English and maths. I offer the family support so that can be achieved.

My programme is fool proof but more importantly the pupils love it and connect with me doing the required work I set gladly. The wealth of knowledge they collect from me can’t be bought or acquired easily it requires a UK native born , highly educated person to transmit that. They gain an educational standard that will be identified immediately by examiners.

You will find all the information on my tutoring website www.kidslearnfast.co.uk