Cannabis…and the impact on education and our children

It has been reported that cannabis smoking is a problem in many of our secondary schools in Britain. Parents of teenagers must worry about the other young people their precious [ . . . ]

Bring me the sunshine!

I know I’ve said a lot about vitamins before but I really do feel like I need to say something about this one again. Please do take vitamin D3 as [ . . . ]

Abby Ellin’s story

I have watched and admired Abby Ellin, a journalist debating current affair issues on SKY news for years and noticed recently she was no longer on our screens. I wondered [ . . . ]

Super supplements for everyday

Take your vitamins. It is very important for general health. Food is the biggest source but you can’t always get everything you need in the right amounts from food alone. [ . . . ]

Young people’s mental health and parents’ concern

There has been a lot in the media recently about mental health, not only in relation to adults but also young people including pupils as young as five years old. [ . . . ]

Keeping a Diary

I have kept a diary / journal since the age of eight and I have found this enormously therapeutic. It has trained my mind, I believe, to be logical and [ . . . ]