Keeping a Diary

I have kept a diary / journal since the age of eight and I have found this enormously therapeutic. It has trained my mind, I believe, to be logical and my writing skills to be (without wanting to sound big headed!) very good.

Dumping your thoughts on paper is very helpful and in my opinion, they have to be handwritten, not typed. These days I include my thanks for all I have  and my wishes in my piece of writing for the day so I write quite a bit on a daily basis.

It takes about fifteen minutes of my day and I look forward to that time. I usually pull one of my tarot or angel cards out at the same time. I learnt to read the cards in my 30s and I love the power they hold. How clever they are in connecting with my life experience at that particular time or in highlighting goals and wishes.

Writing my journal helps me evaluate how much or what type of energy I have put into my day, soft or hard. I can tell the difference; if I’m sad or worried it’s soft. If I’m excited it’s hard and inspirational to me for the week but I have learnt to accept that not all months or weeks are going to be the same. I am not going to be happy all the time. I am me and my life is mine.

The universe I believe guides me and it into the right direction for myself. We have to have the hard times to appreciate the good ones.

When I pick up one of my journals, yes I keep them all, I’m sometimes surprised to find how sad or happy something made made me feel which is now so unimportant in my life.

I am an amateur astrologer and I believe planets influences our lives, direction and path. We always have a choice, though its not always clear what consequences these choices will bring.

I know I have made mistakes but they have made me the woman I am today. I’m independent, feisty and hardworking. I don’t rely on anyone else but myself.

Jupiter has stepped into my sign of Sagittarius   this month on November 8th actually and he’s my sign, his home for a year. Apparently the changes he brings are going to be phenomenal.

I will write about that a year from now. Until then I would like to say thank you for reading my blog. Grateful 🙂