Young people’s mental health and parents’ concern

There has been a lot in the media recently about mental health, not only in relation to adults but also young people including pupils as young as five years old. The mental health of children is increasingly becoming a concern for parents and is an area of children’s development and well-being that cannot and must not be ignored.

A survey found the mental well-being is the concern of parents, teachers, educationalists and guardians – more so than future careers, education or future partners and even crime, housing and the environment.

From the survey, it was highlighted that 90% said their greatest hope was for their child to grow into a happy and fulfilled adult. Only 1% said they hoped they would have a successful business. The Head Teacher at Croydon High School has said that attitudes have changed over the last fifteen years.

So it goes without saying that we not only want academic excellence for our children but over and above that we want them mentally happy and therefore there is pressure on schools, too, to provide more than just an education to these children.

What do you think?  How has school changed in your view? Why are children under more pressure today?