Physical fitness affects academic achievement

Schools are cutting PE time due to exam pressure, despite a recent study showing that physical fitness positively affects how well children take in and remember new information. It has [ . . . ]

Maths anxiety and supporting your child

Have you ever said to your children, “I am not a Maths person too and that’s alright.”? If you have, research says you are not doing your children any favours, [ . . . ]

Living to a ripe old age

Living to a ripe old age…seems to be possible as over the last hundred years, people are living longer and longer. Good sanitation, medical advances and enough food for most [ . . . ]

Keeping the kids entertained over the summer!

While many parents look forward to the break from the school-run, ferrying back and forth between clubs and after school activities as well as assemblies and parents’ evenings, they also [ . . . ]

Saudi women behind the wheel…

For many women in Saudi Arabia, this is a huge milestone and it means they can get behind the wheel of a car and drive in public for the first [ . . . ]