Hari Krishna…

I was in Leicester Square recently on a Friday and saw the whole square transform in minutes. Hundreds of Hare Krishna followers were in procession before starting their dance and music and heading on to finish their dancing and celebrating in Trafalgar Square.

I got chatting with one of the girls in the audience, amongst the crowd and she told me she had come all the way from Australia for the celebration and that this was their main festival – the 50th London Rathayatra 1969 to 2018 – and many like her had travelled far and wide to be in London for this wonderful event.

She was second generation Hare Krishna and had been born into this joyous way of life. She had a very responsible day job in Australia.

I wondered about the choice to follow this movement and whether these people truly found peace, health and happiness through its vibrations.


Either way, I felt happy being there and experiencing the atmosphere with them


Elisa x