Private schools “avoiding” tougher GCSEs

A number of private schools have refused to be guinea pigs for this summer’s new tougher GCSEs even though children at state schools are being forced to take them which as a private tutor and educator I find quite astonishing and a clear strategy towards assuring the best results are achieved. While the best results are always wanted for our students, it seems greatly unfair that those children in state schools cannot be afforded the same privilege and choices.

Of the top private schools, of which there are 30, only one is exclusively doing GCSEs while all the rest are doing the international GCSE which is considered to be an easier option.

With more than 500,000 state school pupils studying for the new tougher GCSEs are having to face “more rigorous” testing according to Nick Gibb, the minister of Eton and Winchester.

With head teachers fearing that state school pupils may end up with worse exam results through no fault of their own, it is a worrying situation and of obvious concern to both parents of these children and teaching staff alike and this may result in them being shut out from the top universities and sadly, have no control over what happens.

Additionally many state schools have been prevented by ministers from offering the international GCSEs.

What’s your view on this situation? I’d love to hear from you and welcome your comments.


Elisa x