Combat Training and my 30 day challenge

Combat training classes proved to be the key element to me finally enjoying keeping fit for the first time in years.

I did ballet from the age of 7 to 18 as I went to a ballet school whee ballet was paramount. Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev were the patrons and I saw them often dancing together in the Great Green Hall; a treat I will never forget and I swear the experience changed my personality, character and life expectations forever.

My ballet teacher Dorothy Stevens was quite famous in Yorkshire and the time and her style and dedication also had an incredible effect on me.

So I was really fit in my teens and lived off that fitness for years. Indulging in the odd long swim or walk usually with the dogs my fibrosis arrived and then I realised time had caught up with me and my fitness level was zilch. I tried the treadmill and bike at the gym to no avail and found myself paying a monthly fee to do very little and to be bored. Then one day I heard the music coming out of the studio and I was drawn to it. On opening the door I saw about 30 women enjoying a workout with a personal trainer at the front of the room. Decision made! I joined the next day and I have never looked back. The atmosphere is electric and the energy and fun is magnetic! It keeps me going back again and again.

Lianne the trainer is key in motivating and the fact I’m having little chats with the others is fab too. It keeps the momentum going and I feel better physically.  I also feel less stressed and in act I am able to tackle all obstacles that come my way.

I have realised that fitness and health comes with what we eat too and I also started a 30 day challenge on 1st November. My colleague Soulla is joining me too so we will keep you posted as to how we get on! Here it is, you might like to try it out too!