Should elderly motorists be banned?

I watched the news story unfold of Prince Philip’s car accident and I immediately thought: 97 year old people should not be driving.I have the utmost respect for Prince Philip but he should not be driving.

There has to be a driving test – a proper one for older people who insist on driving. It might make them feel happy and I am all for older people being happy (I make my mum’s time with me as special as I can) but I think when the lives of others are involved older drivers must be tested or further investigated.

I feel the same about people smoking at the wheel They should have both hands and their total concentration on the wheel and driving.

Currently those over 70 must complete a self-assessment every three years and declare they are healthy and able to drive safely. There is no formal test or medical examination as it stands. However if they develop a medical condition which may affect their driving then they must declare it.

Of course we have to take into account that everyone ages at different speeds and and age differently. Opticians, for example, have estimated, that there are over a million drivers who drive with poor eyesight and who are therefore driving illegally.

In Essex, police raised awareness after there was a surge in drivers over the age of 70 involved in accidents.

What do you think?


Elisa x