The secret of State Boarding

There are only 38 state boarding schools in the UK. Nine of those are selective grammar schools like Haberdasher’s Adams. Education is free here and so parents only have to pay for the boarding which is £4000 per term. This offers parents are far more competitive and affordable option compared to the private independent sector.

At Haberdasher’s Adams the younger boys begin their boarding time at Longford Hall, set in 100 acres and they are cared for by a Boarding Housemaster, matrons and tutors. The environment is homely, caring and attentive.

The older boys board at Beaumaris Hall which is designed to be similar to University Halls of Residence. Rooms have en-suite facilities and many have double occupancy. There is a communal area and a kitchen where they can learn to cook for themselves.

The majority of pupils join state boarding schools at age 11 and continue through until they leave to go to university. A few may join at 13+ if spaces are available and some may choose to board in the Sixth Form as a way of bridging the gap between home and living away from home and studying.

The boarding school provides lessons and experience in living away from home, developing independence as well as building resilience and the ability to rely on themselves when making decisions. The pupils have guidelines relating to study, free and bed time as well as have the opportunity to develop friendships and camaraderie.

The link to Haberdasher’s Adams is here for anyone wishing to find out more.