Blue Peter – best children’s show ever!

I remember rushing home from school, grabbing a snack and sitting in front of the television ready for Blue Peter with my younger brother. It was the highlight of our school week and often my cousins, who lived locally, would come over too.

We would badger our parents for bric-a-brac and organise sales at the end of our road. (Image for this blog post in fact!) The Blue Peter way was something that stayed with me throughout my childhood. I rescued some duck eggs from my son’s junior school and I ended up with two ducks in our back garden for about 18 months!

It was a fun, interactive programme which was homey, warm and informative which created a fun and informal way to learn. It encouraged independent thought and expression. The presenters over the years laughed at their own antics and shared personal stories with their young audience. They presented the programme sitting on cushioned benches, not hidden behind a desk, which camouflaged the fundamental teaching and learning theme.

This is the underlying ethos behind Elisa’s Tutorial School; a fun and informative environment which is conducive to learning with clear boundaries and guidelines which nurtures young children’s minds and encourages enquiry, experimentation and creativity.

Our sessions, a combination of both one-to-one and group work, encourage pupils to share their opinions and their work, discuss their ideas and learn from each other in a safe, comfortable and friendly space away from the formality of the school classroom. This helps to build self-esteem, confidence and motivation which translates into better concentration and effort not only in school but across all aspects of life.

I have a dog called Ronnie and although he’s not allowed in our learning space we have many conversations around caring for animals and the importance of being kind.

Blue Peter was first broadcast in 1958 and it quickly became part of British culture. With competitions and letter writing activities, children scrambled to be awarded the coveted Blue Peter badge. It will be celebrating its 60th anniversary later this year; it is the longest running children’s show in the world. Its cultural importance remains unchanged; it appeals to children around the world and in an age of inclusion and diversity what more can we ask of a popular children’s programme?

My fond memories will always stay with me and my own Blue Peter badge will always hold a very special place in my box of childhood memories.

Elisa x