Childcare and schools

Childcare and schools

On another education related post, a recent news story highlights the Education Secretary’s call for Schools to Provide Childcare.

‘Reasonable steps’ should be taken to provide childcare for the whole length of the working day  – including term time and holidays! What a wonderful thought I’m sure you’re thinking!

Parents are to be given the right to request that their children’s schools put this care structure into place. However, as ever, funding has not yet been agreed.

The idea has been received with great angst by various Head Teachers around the country – the idea can easily turn into a gimmick especially as it may overshadow the education aspect of school selection.

Providing care for children during the working day is a great idea and from a parent’s point of view it would tick many boxes.

What concerns me is the lack of realistic potential behind the suggestion. Following from my previous point, schools are currently overstretched, not being able to provide education to the amount of children requiring it. It’s far more than a hop and a skip away to now require them to also provide care until Mums and Dads return from work.

The notion of choice is great and l would love to see it happen in practice. I just wonder what will happen if schools decide to opt out of the care provision? Will parents respect their choice, or would we see a boycotting of certain schools who aren’t able to provide the facilities?

Do you see this happening in the immediate future?

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