Dame Alice Owen – More than an educator

As the Director and Owner of Elisa’s Tutorial School I am tutoring children to achieve their potential and gain their place at some of London’s top independent, private and grammar schools.

Dame Alice Owen, is most recognised for its partially selective secondary education school located in Potters Bar. However, Dame Alice Owen’s Foundation, the charity part of the educational establishment, makes grants to organisations and provides education and training to children and young people. It operates within the areas of Hertfordshire and Islington, in north London.

The school is named after its founder, the 17th-century philanthropist Alice Owen. The story behind the school and its establishment is a lovely story too. Alice Owen decided to set up a school to thank God for saving her when she was a child after she narrowly avoided being struck by an arrow, which luckily passed through her hat, in the open fields of Islington.

Elisa’s Tutorial School supports and mentors students who are keen to enjoy the education that Dame Alice Owen provides and we are happy to discuss your child’s individual needs and to assess them in order to ensure their success and achievement.

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