Developing your toddler’s language

Language development is an ongoing process for children starting from a very young age; each child will develop at their own rate. All children should find learning fun! Children will reach their full potential only if given enough opportunities to develop.

At home or in a nursery/preschool setting, focusing on the seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage  really does allow children to express creativity in their play. Encouraging children to ask questions such as how,why and what help them develop conversations from statements.

Allowing children time to talk and by listening to what they are saying really encourages children to develop their communications. Children need to know that you are interested in what they are saying and doing. Asking open ended questions will interest your child and playing with your child without any distractions like the television, allows your child to really focus on what they like doing.

This gives you the opportunity to extend your child’s learning. If you notice a speech error, try not to correct it outright, but rather model the correct word/phrase and your child will pick this up. 

Imaginative play is a great way to develop speech and extend your child’s vocabulary as they pretend to imitate what they have seen whether through being a superhero, builder, chef, etc. Get involved! Share the excitement and extend their imagination. It can grow immensely – developing your child to where they need to be.

You may find big boxes turn into diggers or an old sheet becomes a cave.

Support your child to investigate and explore…you can have fun being a child again!

Until next time,