Don’t shut the book on the bedtime story

According to a recent report, parents should continue reading bedtime stories to their children until they are 11 years old. Children have expressed sadness about this routine ending when they are as young as 6.

Three quarters of parents who have children aged five and below, read to them on a regular basis. The figure drops to 37 percent for parents of six-eight years olds and for those with nine to 11 year olds, it was just 20 percent.

From the children aged 6 to11, who’s parents have stopped reading to them, one-third said they had not wanted their bedtime stories to stop.

The above findings were included in the Kids and Family Reading Report by the publisher Scholastic.

Pie Corbett, an educational advisor and author, stated that the daily bedtime story is a precious and memorable time for all children. Upon children arriving at school, the ones who have had this routine have a wealth of language skills and developed imagination.

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