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I usually go to church especially at Easter and Christmas, and I particularly enjoyed the services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday because I found them to be very uplifting this year. I know some people at the mention of one attending a church service tend to smirk or mock the idea however just because you don’t believe in something or anything for that matter doesn’t mean you should raise your nose in disdain at people who are indeed true believers of a moral supreme being. It is easy to forget how central the church and chapel is to a lot of lives due to the dwindling numbers of bottoms on pews. Whole communities have worked around the pub and the church for centuries, and that still remains the case in provincial England. This isn’t simply to do with the act of worship but the fact that it is a social thing for many people.

All towns and cities have a cathedral or major church, most of these are insanely beautiful with their carvings and angels for all to see. Some have had the greatest artists work on them and the greatest musicians come out of their choirs.

Its so refreshing to know that even at the rate the world is ever-changing and evolving especially in the 21st century life, some people turn to church/religion in times of distress and often find that it helps to comfort and helps to ease and/or grant some inner peace, but there are also those who turn to the church even when they are truly thankful and grateful for their lives which makes it even more humbling.

It’s a good thing to watch/see people be religious and attend services, however this seems to decrease enormously as most people often associate religion with violence and abuse hence making the concept somewhat more complicated. However, this should not be a deterrent, people should be encouraged to go to church to seek God or experience praise and worship.

Easter is probably the most important date in the Christian calendar and it is not just about bunnies and chocolate eggs although I love both, as I found going to church and celebrating this important act of faith is essential to me.