How those thank you notes will really help your kids.

I personally love the little common albeit small courtesies such as please and thank you, however in this new era, its quite uncommon especially thank you notes. On the other hand, I have a chicken scratch handwriting that I despise with a passion and I have tried so many avenues to improve (even taken handwriting classes at university!) but to no avail. So I should be typing everything, but I don’t because I am still a pen and papergirl. I believe emotion is expressed more via that little hand tool we call a pen/pencil.

This particularly applies in my opinion when you want to show some sort of appreciation to someone and thank them for a nice gesture. I will gladly show off my bad handwriting to put a smile on someone’s face. Yes, unfortunately for me (unlike some), my bad handwriting is not really an excuse to say vocally (on the phone) or type thank you notes. However, with the introduction of technology and the increasingly massive use of digital media and communication, this seems to have taken the backbench. It is imperative to be taught by our parents to write thank you notes as its been traditionally done and also our duty to pass it on to the next generation.

Thank you notes show good manners as well as adding a personal touch and connecting to whom you are writing to, it’s a way to distinguish one’s self from today’s digital frenzy of sending emails, texts, emojis, and calls.

Ps I was very disappointed after sending a couple I know £50 for a wedding gift and never receiving a thank you note… a communal text was all I received.

What do you think? Do you think its applicable to today’s society?Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.46.41