Is the 11+ exam getting harder ?

Have you experienced the ‘dreaded’ 11+ exams?!

There are now more children than ever applying to sit the 11+ exams which is making the competition even harder. There are also beliefs that the exams are becoming ‘tutor proof’ which can also create difficulties with preparation.

Children are being asked to jump through even bigger hoops and they certainly need to be in the top five percent for ability and potential, to stand a sporting chance of a place. Parents really need to consider whether this is the right direction for their child.

Although schools may mention to parents that their child is intelligent enough to sit the 11+ exams, the best way to check your child’s suitability is to get them specifically assessed. This will give you the necessary feedback and suggestions for your child’s ability, meaning you can pick which schools to sit for.  Having this information will make all the effort worth it!

11+ can create real opportunities for children who have the necessary skills and experience.

Now the January exams are over, and children are getting their results it becomes more and more clear that these exams are getting tougher.

Having a very good vocabulary is in my opinion the make or break in this and my results show the well read and most articulate children are the ones who succeed.

Interviews are now becoming more difficult also as oral comprehension questions are examining a child’s verbal understanding. Verbal reasoning cannot be underestimated in importance … it is pivotal in all areas, even the maths papers .

If you want your child to succeed then make sure they get the right help. Don’t leave it too late and encourage reading …make it part of your daily routine and you will reap the benefits later!