June Solstice Ritual 2018

The June Solstice brings a turning point in the year. I cleanse the house using sage and use the technique of smudging in order to welcome light and freedom into my living space and my life.  It is a time to reflect on my personal goals for the year gone by, and to think about how I can take what I have learned or experienced and use this to move forward with positive energy and to encourage lots of positives to come my way.

The word Solstice translates as “Sun standing still” and is a significant and sacred turning point is believed will bring a shift in energy within our space.

I was at the Spirit, Mind and Body Festival at Olympia recently and bought myself a Zen purification kit so that I can carry out my own little cleansing ritual on my home. This night is also very special to me as it’s known as Midsummer’s Night which is known as the most romantic and magical night of the year aside to Christmas Eve. Lots of authors write about Midsummer’s Night and Shakespeare has named a whole play this. I too, include it, and in my current WIP; a YA fantasy novel I have included it as one of the themes.

My little kit contains:

1 x sacred feather

1 x sage smudge stick

1 x charcoal brass burner

10g x raw Frankincense

10g x raw Myrrh

2 x charcoal discs

1 x gold organza bag

I will do this on Thursday 21st June 2018 and I am looking forward to it; it marks the start of a new phase too, a bit like seeing in the new Year on the 31st December so it is with hope and much excitement that I anticipate what this next half of the year will bring.

If you’re cleansing ready for the next half of the year I hope that everything you wish for comes your way and that the sun shines its energy on you.

Elisa x