Loneliness Part 3: Mindfulness and Pets

Welcome back to my mindfulness blog where we discuss loneliness and how mindfulness can help us. In part 3 we look at some more ways to be mindful.

Walking is great exercise that naturally beats the blues while it adds to your health, and meditation is a great form of mindful practice. Walking meditation has been practiced for centuries by Buddhist monks. In order to practice mindful walking, be aware of the balance of your body and the ground beneath your feet. Tune into your senses and notice the world around you.

Taking your dog for a walk is a wonderful way to practice walking mediation and spend some quality time with your pet. Notice your breathing, the path you take, your dog sniffing at this and that elusive scent. Feel your heart pumping blood through your body and be grateful for being alive.

If you are elderly or infirm, you might find it difficult to pull your attention away from your body’s aches and pains and feelings of depression and aloneness. This is where a pet or a companion animal can be a great help. Talk to your local services about having a therapy animal come and ease your mind and bring a smile to your face. Even autistic or disabled children are soothed and taught by horses.

Explore mindfulness with your pet, if you have one. It will make it easier to build a practice. It will ward off feelings of loneliness while deepening your bond with your animal friend. No one gives us as much unconditional love as a pet does. Harness that feeling while building a habit that will give you control over your thoughts and therefore your emotions, and thus the quality of your life.


Elisa x