Mental Health Support in Schools

As support for this issue is increasing in society especially with our young people and children….. the fact ofsted a vital government organisation is speaking out has made the whole thing more important and more so in the public eye.


Ofsted who monitor school standards are now updating their inspection framework to also assess levels of mental health support in schools .

This new framework will come into effect from September 2019.


Mental health and well being of children are very important issues, which is a major reason why children’s development will be one of the judgements proposed for the new education inspection framework.


This is a major opening in changing culture within schools to support young children in their mental health.

For further discussion on just how transformative mental health education could be for young people take a listen to the latest episode of mental podcast. In the episode there is an interview with Carol Lilley on how coaching can be incredibly powerful in changing how we manage our mental health.


She also shares how helping young people reduce unhealthy thought patterns or negative beliefs about themselves supports their growth into healthier and happier adults.