More Maths for Everyone

Everyone falls into one of two categories when it comes to Maths – you either love it or hate…there never seems to be an in-between! However, if you really don’t like Maths you have to become of the mind-set that you HAVE to do it, you HAVE to be successful at least at GCSE level and then, if you really want to, you can forget about it and move on to other subjects at A Level.

Whatever future employment or career your child secures, whether as a GP, a business owner or an Electrician, Maths is in our lives wherever we look both at home and in the work place.

So here are some handy tips on how you, as a parent or carer, can build your child’s confidence and involve them in Maths every day.

Send them shopping and encourage them to buy as much on the list as they can with a limited amount of money. This is good for budgeting and for mental arithmetic.

Give them options to save their pocket or birthday money (and earn interest) or to spend it.

Show them your wages slip and go through the way that different tax is levied and taken from your gross pay.

Look at debits from your account and how these levy against income on a monthly basis.

Whatever you do, support your child to be aware of the importance of understanding basic Maths concepts.

If you would like to know more about how Kids Learn Fast can help your child nurture their love and understanding of Maths and mathematical problems please contact meĀ here.


Elisa x