My New Year’s Resolutions, Aims and Goals for 2018

  1. Remember to take my vitamins every day.
  2. Include half an hour of exercise in my routine every day even if it only entails walking the dog briskly. I’m going to aim to add cardio at least 3 x a week to my routine such as swimming, a session on my walking machine or the cross trainer.
  3. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables and water to my diet.
  4. If I have to have chocolate (and let’s face it life without any chocolate at all would be glum!) I will eat only dark chocolate with a minimum 70% cocoa tyexercisepe.
  5. I absolutely LOVE astrology…in fact anything to do with the stars and the moon and the celestial universe so I’m going to try to increase my astrology skills.
  6. Increase my IT skills so that I can become more IT independent!
  7. I want to travel more and experience and explore new places and locations. Without sounding morbid I want to see more exotic places before I die!
  8. Earn more money so I can have more leisure time and more me time.
  9. Establish a routine so I can meditate for at least five minutes a day.
  10. Work on my time management skills so I can get more done on time. This is important to me as it will mean less stress and less rushing about last minute too.
  11. Make the effort to keep in touch with all friends that matter. Friends are a big part of my life and I must remember that they enrich my life, contribute to my leisure time an8543057650_7e9bc06ab9_nd my me time too…and spending time with friends is cheaper than going to therapy!
  12. Find my soul mate – set up love radar!
  13. Wear everything in my wardrobe at least once. If I don’t like it 100% = take it to the charity shop.
  14. I will link up with a charity or environmental agency to try to make a difference to the plastics problem in the oceans.
  15. Support the elephants and rhinos against the poachers by linking with wild animal welfare organisations to spread the word about the shrinking number of wild animals and the dangers to them of becoming extinct.
  16. Focus some of my leisure time on connecting with the right people who can support me to become a published author.
  17. Diet to drop a dress size. (I suppose this links to Resolutions 1, 2 and 3!)
  18. Read more novels and use reading to relax and give me more me time which links to Resolution 8)
  19. See more of Britain. ie: spiritual places such as Bath and the Knaresborough Caves. (This will give me more me time and time with my friends and allow me to do some travelling too! So Resolutions 8, 11 and 7.)
  20. Support all the people I love achieve their goals.

My message to you all for 2018 is ‘Aim higher – Manifest – You are worth it!’

2018 is a lucky year! 12 new chapters, 365 days!

There’s no better year for you to accomplish and to support those around you too – success breeds success – so get writing those resolutions, put them somewhere where you will see them and be reminded every day that you can achieve all that you want this year!

Until next time, Elisa x