Plastic Bags

I so appreciate the need for less waste and keeping on top of issues concerning the environment. I certainly do believe we’ve contributed to wasting less certainly since plastic bags have been charged for. One very good thing I have noticed is that there is less litter on the streets.  However, I have started to realise how useful the bags were before and how much I took them for granted.

Some stores don’t charge for bags because they provide paper bags. But why can’t massive stores like Marks and Spencer’s issue out good quality paper bags like Primark and Selfridges do?

I’m using M&S as an example due to an incident I experienced in there recently. After reading an article which told of the dangers of mixing poultry with other foods, I decided to separate my chicken from other purchases. I always do this in Tesco, where I’m able to put the chicken in one of those free small bags available for loose vegetables. I tried to do this in M&S and I was told by two individuals, the cashier and the manager, that this was against the law! Because the chicken was sealed, they did not have to provide me with an extra bag, and if I wanted one, I would have to pay for it at a further cost of 10pence! I felt like I was in court!! Other shoppers looked slightly shocked!

I would have liked to explain that A&E wards are now dealing with more Ecoli and food poisoning cases than ever before, possibly due to the mixing of the different types of foods in one bag – just because it is wrapped, it doesn’t mean the packaging isn’t contaminated!

I felt undermined, but regardless I didn’t buy another bag and just carried out the packaged chicken in my hand. I decided to do this because I knew I would have another bag in the boot of my car (like many of you do,I know). To my absolute surprise, I opened the boot and saw about a hundred M&S bags! Seems like the more frugal amongst us save money and save waste by remembering their bags… if you’re more like me, I end up paying 10p more on every shop and never seem to have the bag handy when I need it!

Stores should try and think about this through our eyes, the customers!

What are your views on plastic bags? Do you feel the same?!

Until next time,