Travel Bloggers

Like most people, in my spare time I like to sit and look at what others are doing. I’d love to say I get to do this a lot, however spare time is not something I have a lot of. Having qualified that, I do find myself being more and more interested in various travel bloggers.

They go to the world’s most amazing, awe inspiring places and get to write about what they see; and rightly so! They have stopped many of us making basic errors we used to make before the internet became a life companion.

It hit me… Is there even such thing as an ‘educational blogger?!’ What would be the perks for being one….? Travel bloggers, as I understand, are flown around the world to far flung destinations to thrill and excite the senses.

Would anyone want a week in a city comprehensive? Most teachers will invariably have been in one at some point. I would think a privately trained teacher, who spends more than one week in a comprehensive would need a trip to St Moritz or the like, to recover.

This got me thinking – perhaps we could be sent on research trips without the children. A sort of ‘plan the best school trip in the world’ so you can give tips on what to do and see. Chance would be a fine thing!!!

I think us teachers, can accept that we are not top of the tree in the perks and free trips game. Apparently though, if you have gained a certain amount of Twitter followers or appeared in an MTV reality show, paying for anything is unheard of! Now, please do tell me where I can sign up for that – I’ll be first in line!

Perhaps we should set up our own reality show…throw teachers, headmasters and other figures of importance in a ‘Big Brother’ style house. Perhaps then teachers would get more respect for what they do?  Now that’s food for thought isn’t it!

Top bloggers these days are paid substantially by their sponsors to ‘review’ their product or name their brand across their social media page. Should we teachers review schools, educational books and policy? Would anyone listen or care? I would think we’d just cause pandemonium!

Until next time,