We’re back!

You, Me and the Universe

Hello! I know I’ve been gone for a while, but there was a very good reason. I have been working hard on putting together many wonderful things! Now comes the long awaited time for me to unveil all the exciting things I’ve been working on. I hope you will agree with me that they have been worth the wait!

  • My new improved blog
  • A brand new Kids Learn Fast website
  • New ranges of children’s fiction
  • Study books to improve English and do better in exams

As you can see, it’s been a year filled with lots of creating and innovating!

I have decades of knowledge about what children need to learn in order to succeed in their exams – and in their future studies. I also know how best children learn, and how to make it fun for them to do so, regardless of age. Combining these two areas of expertise is what this year has been all about. Have a look at the various ways in which I hope to help parents and children get the very best that I can offer.

I am more than just a teacher or tutor, I am an educator. I believe that in these changing times of school reforms and widespread standardised testing, it is more important than ever for parents to be informed and for students to be prepared. The game is changing, and so are thabc-bookse rules, whether we like it or not. The Elisa’s tutorial blog on my website is full of tips and thoughts on how to make sure your child gets the education that they deserve.

I have been an author of children’s stories for many years now, but these were only available on my website Children’s Stories website, which we are now overhauling. However, this year, I finally took some time to create various books for various age groups and purposes, ranging from fantastic fiction to activity books full of general knowledge. These will fire a child’s imagination as well as give them fun ways to learn. These series include the textbookMe and You books, the Frankie book series, the ABC vocabulary books and my comprehensive textbook split into volumes. These volumes contain everything you need to know for 11+ English exams and more, and are called Elisa’s Tutorials English Made Simple. Together, they will ensure that no matter what age or what level of English a child is at, these books will teach them about life, language and general knowledge, while allowing their imagination to soar.

Since I am an educator at heart, I know that children have to prepare for exams and improve English language skills no matter what school or school system they study within. However, there are many fun ways to learn the skills that will get them through exams and give them a firm footing for all the reading and writing we have to do in our student and working lives. My Elisa’s Tutorials textbooks in 5 volumes are filled with vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, note-taking, general knowledge, reading and writing tips and information. The reason I created these textbooks is because I could not find a programme that combined everything a student needed to know for their language exams in one place. So I thought I should create it! You and your child get the benefit of this enormously comprehensive resource that is also fun, colourful and engaging at the same tfrankieime.

Stay tuned for more about my books series. I will be putting up excerpts and free giveaways. If you would like to volunteer to leave a review, you might even get a free copy, so leave me a message with your contact details.

Until next time!