An excerpt from Tredicino by Elisa Gianoncelli

Welcome to a little sneak preview and short Tredicino excerpt…my current work in progress which I am editing alongside my editor Soulla Christodoulou at the moment.

“On her way home, pushing Tredicino along, out of nowhere a giant cloud appeared and a shockwave coursed through her. She recognised this as a warning sign from the medallion around her neck. It was followed by a strong gust of wind that whipped the pram away from her and sent it charging down the hill. Luigi had to chase after the pram and amazingly, managed to grab the handle bar before it toppled into the busy road. She knew that the tremor was a warning of impending danger and in future she would have to be more alert to this threat.

Grandma breathed a sigh of relief and knew her job was not going to be an easy one! She again, noticed an ugly big black raven staring down at them from a tree “Shoo! Shoo! You foul creature. Leave us alone!” she hissed at the bird, knowing he was a bad omen. She decided should she ever see one of them again, that she would be more wary. The Lone Star Fairy was impressed with the way she was growing into her role as Medallion-Keeper.

Tredicino wore his beautiful new pale blue, Italian, knitted three-piece baby suit. Everyone in Grandma’s village had contributed and they had bought the tiny trousers and buttoned jacket between them. To Grandma Tredicino looked quite beautiful in it.

The matching hat covered his little tuft of white hair! Grandma also realised that the air was filthy with soot from the cargo ships’ engine rooms as they came and went to the East India Docks and the local iron and steel works along the Thames Estuary.

She told Luigi that if he had put a million possible grandchildren in front of her she would have chosen this one; he was just what she wanted and he made her very happy even though he wasn’t the most handsome of babies but she felt a telepathic link with him. Even though she loved the other twelve boys, and would surely love Luigi’s if he ever had any, she felt very protective of Tredicino and knew that he needed her defence desperately! An extraordinary situation was developing and little did she know that through Tredicino, her most important wish would come true and The Lone Star Fairy, having trailed their path from the hospital, had already settled herself above number 13 and had a little chat with Ruhi.”