Safety tips for keeping your children safe at home

In this post I’m going to be sharing with you some of the key safety tips for ensuring your children are safe at home. I will be sharing with you the safety considerations in the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.


  1. Lock medicines away and ensure the labels are clear and containers are child-proof.
  2. Be careful of medicines in the bathrooms of those you are visiting too.
  3. Throw away any out of date medication responsibly; give back to your pharmacist or flush down the WC.
  4. Ensure flooring is non-slip and use a bath mat.
  5. Do not have any electrical appliances in the bathroom.
  6. Lights should always have a pull cord.
  7. Ensure any scissors, tweezers or nail polish is locked away or out of reach.
  8. Never leave a child alone in the bath.



  1. Teach your child to never play or switch on any electrical or gas items.
  2. Attache safety catches to low cupboards and drawers.
  3. Knives and plastic bags should be kept out of reach.
  4. Secure table cloths to the table with clips.
  5. Keep hot drinks and teapots out of reach.
  6. Use non-slip floor polish to avoid slips and mop up spills immediately.
  7. Use plastic safety covers to block wall sockets.
  8. Never allow your child to play with a pet’s litter tray or food.
  9. Food should be cut up to avoid choking.
  10. Keep cleaning chemicals out of reach or locked away.
  11. If your First Aid box is in the kitchen, again ensure it is locked away out of reach.



  1. Check free-standing furniture cannot be toppled or pulled over.
  2. Ensure a safety guard is in front of the fireplace.
  3. Trailing hose plants should be positioned out of reach.
  4. Ensure windows are securely locked.
  5. Heavy or large ornaments should be placed out of reach to avoid injury.


I hope these tips help to keep your child safe and remember these should be adhered to in another perron’s home too.


Stay safe, Elisa x