A friend sent this to me and I wanted to share it with you all

Singer, model and former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, said in an interview:

“After 50 years, beauty is the result of kindness, elegance & your thoughts.
It is no longer about the body and physical features.
Beauty becomes a state of one’s spirit; a sparkle in the eyes; one’s temperament. Sensuality emerges more in one’s appearance!

A bored woman can be pretty before she is 50.
A selfish woman can be pretty before 50.
A depressed woman can be pretty before 50.
An unpleasant woman can be pretty before 50.
An opportunistic woman can be pretty before 50.
A cowardly woman can be pretty before 50.
But not after…

After 50 what illuminates the skin is whether she is loved or not;
whether she is well mannered or not.
After 50, beauty comes from character…by the way in which problems are faced; from the joy of awakening, and the lightness of sleep.
After 50, friendship is the cream that stretches wrinkles; affection is the sunscreen that protects the face. Beauty becomes communication and good humor.

In fact, Roald Dahl says something quite similar (image above)


Carla Bruni also said that beauty becomes intelligence and kindness.

After 59, 60, 65 years, ONLY happiness rejuvenates!!

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Elisa x