Sweet for my sweet…Sugar for my honey…but Sugar is poison.

This is really interesting and though we have been hearing about the detrimental impact sugar can have on our health for a long time, these facts puts it into perspective:


  • The first factory to manufacture sugar was established by the British in 1866.
  • Indians used honey before this and seldom used to fall sick.
  • To make sugar, sulphur is used, which is also one of the component ingredients used in making fire crackers. Sulphur is an element that, once it enters the body, cannot be excreted. 
  • Sugar increases cholesterol which is one of the main reasons for heart attacks. Sugar increases the weight of the body, adds extra strain on our hearts and causes people to become obese and overweight.
  • Sugar in excess also increases our blood pressure and is becoming one of the more common reasons for brain damaging clots.
  • The sweet taste of sugar is sucrose and this cannot be digested by our human digestive systems easily.
  • To make sugar, 23 different harmful ingredients are used.
  • Too much sugar in our diets is one of the main contributing factors for getting diabetes.
  • A burning sensation in the stomach can be attributed to too much sugar in your diet.
  • Sugar increases the level of Triglycerides in the body. Foods high in cholesterol and saturated fatelevate Triglyceride levels, so the intake of the following foods should be controlled; fatty red meat, poultry skin, butter, lard, high-fat dairy products (such as cheese) and shellfish.
  • Sugar is also a main contributor to the cause of paralysis.
  • One acceptable and common piece of advice is to use honey in your diet instead of sugar.

We all like sweet things whether it be sugar in our tea, biscuits with our evening cuppa or a dessert after our meal but it is with extreme moderation that we should be eating sugar.

I hope that this blog helps you understand the risky impact that too much sugar has on our diets and helps you adjust your day-to-day intake to move towards a healthier and safer diet.

Elisa x