Children from Syria

I’m sure you’ve seen the hundreds of news stories surrounding Syrian refugees. This week, this picture drew my attention.

A poor mother bathing her baby over a puddle in the cold. It’s completely heart wrenching and provides a lot of food for thought.  So many families flee death, destruction and war, envisaging a proScreen Shot 2016-03-19 at 17.00.35sperous new life. Instead, they now live in squalid camps across Europe. The refugee camps surge in size every time a country closes its borders,reducing the options available for those fleeing radical fighters. Low temperatures, no running water and open camps are increasing the need for medical attention. Doctors are treating migrants for more and more infectious diseases, worrying about outbreaks. 

This is an impossible conundrum to resolve – we have to help these poor people, but when resource and land is scarce, how do you reconcile the matter? What are your views on migration and particularly Syria?