Climate change…I care, do you?

I have always been interested in and an avid supporter of the environment and looking after the precious world we live in but in recent years I have become increasingly caring. Climate change is a huge consideration not just for ordinary people like you and me but for world leaders too.

The devastating effects of climate change cannot be ignored; hurricanes across America and the Caribbean recently are all too real! But how seriously do our world leaders take this issue if at all? Does Trump and our own government give the issue of climate change enough attention? Flooding, famine and climate refugees are the outcome of the problem being ignored and underestimated.

In the UK, the average citizen produces 7 tons of carbon footprint – 5 tons over the suggested recommended aim of 2. Drastic measures will have to be taken to reduce it to this level.

Some people are deciding not to have children too as having one less child can reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 58.6 tons! For some this is the statistic that makes the decision for them.

So what do I try to do?

  • Eat more vegetarian
  • Eat locally produced food
  • Walk instead of drive
  • Wear second-hand clothes
  • Up-cycle whatever I can

Whatever you do, do it with an open heart and do it for our children and their children too…the world is changing and it’s up to us to sustain it for the future.

Elisa x

Supporting link to 25 ways to reduce your carbon footprint