Don’t let your child miss out on a childhood

Don’t let your children miss out! Looking back on my childhood, it was all about pleasurable experiences!  The pleasures that cost nothing rather than a fortune such as walks in the park, chasing my friend through the West Yorkshire fields close to my house, camping in the woods and trips to the sea side. My favourite pleasure was my relationship with books.

It began when I was guided through enchanting picture books by my auntie Nellie. She owned a small china shop in town that sold Beatrix Potter cups and saucers; she still owns it today!

Her guidance led me into having an insatiable appetite for the living word and some that transported me into another land. The Famous Five became my friends. I travelled through Narnia and cried when Charlotte the spider died.

Try and encourage your children to live in this literary world! Their vocabulary will improve and their imagination too. All of this will show in their school work!

Until Next TIme.