Home Schooling

If I could go back in time, I would most definitely home school my child. Firstly because he wasn’t that happy at school and secondly I think there is so much you can do with your children out of school, that actually being at school interferes with.

Richard Branson said ‘I got my education out in the world’ – ‘in my opinion real life learning is the only way forward’.  I think a combination of the two works particularly well, especially if you find a brilliant tutor.

They come home from school shattered sometimes having learned very little. Being a teacher would have given me the knowledge and structure to teach him properly at home, giving him the basic steps he seemed to miss out on at school. Had I had the time to go through it all, he would, I believe have done even better at GCSE.

But more importantly we could have seen the world and developed other skills that are so needed. Drama, horse riding, music, swimming.  We did as much as we could out of school, but you just didn’t have the time, and of course we were often too exhausted.

Home schooling wouldn’t suit everyone and unfortunately only people in the privileged position of working from home could do it easily.

I can see its becoming more and more popular however and I can see why. Anyone considering it should read ‘A boy called Christmas’ by Matt Haig. A parent who has home schooled.

If school works for you it is a fantastic option but if it doesn’t, don’t despair! So many people are going down this route and it is easier to do than you think and better than to put up with an unsatisfactory school as some are.

Until Next Time,