Game of mobile phones

I ban smartphones from my classes! This makes some kids howl, especially my GCSE Monday nighters.They can’t live without them. 

The funny thing is that I can’t live without mine either! Its our everything now. It gives us access to our emails, social media, to our work and family/friends. Who would imagine one little box could do all that!

I’m in my fifties and I went through my teenage years mostly without a phone. I used phone boxes!! Bright beautiful red things that always worked.  I don’t think  you could find a phone box that worked these days any more! 

This pic was taken whilst I was on the phone to a long distance Italian boyfriend and no one else in the house could use the phone !

IMG_4312 (1)

How would one cope in an emergency without our little box?! My mum stayed with me for a month at Christmas and I was surprised at the constant conversation piece : ‘ where is my phone?’ My mum is 81 and keeps in contact with her friends and family via her little box. We lost it one day, stress levels rising, looking for the phone everywhere! Thankfully we found it in the car! This 81 year old lady called it her best friend and that made me think, we really can’t live without these tiny little wonders.

The Game of Phones has taken over our world with these sophisticated concoctions. My first phone was the size of a brick, bigger than my handbag!!!

Can you survive without yours?

Until next time,