Finding The Right One.


All happily married women clap your hands in glee and congratulate yourselves on being in a better position than most singletons. We saw how Bridgette Jones struggled with being single and finding the right one in the 90’s. Now in 2016, it is much more difficult as the world of online dating has literally taken over. Facebook is a close second but any male stranger with no proper profile on there needs to be treated with some suspicion I believe!


I have been single 3 years and although I would not want to be in that relationship now (and so thank God the universe removed it as it was wrong for me for all sorts of reasons!), finding the right one has now been difficult maybe because I am more choosy.

IMG_4411Fortunately, I am not in a hurry to have one as my work hits top spot for my time at present. I did however feel this was a topic worth investigating especially when I saw a report in the Evening Standard dated Monday the 25th of April 2016. In that a dating expert running her own agency advised people to get out in real life to find their matches rather than speak to strangers endlessly on the phone, to then find that, that was a disappointing date. She believed that people lose the balance and stop making real life connections because of their online life. Apparently, more than 91 million people around the world are thought to use online dating apps for example Tinder. Also, the very popular first dates programme on Channel Four (where first dates are set up in a restaurant called “The Paternoster Chop House” for the TV show) does not have many romantic success stories even though it is indeed entertaining mainly because of the maître d’Fred Sirieix.IMG_0931So I joined a dating agency to get the feel for what was being said, to talk to strangers in depth is the strangest (fun) thing imaginable, because you are both on the same page, you actually feel you know each other before you start off developing the friendship and relationship but unfortunately some people do not look like their photographs. For me, to meet people the universe throws your way is a much better scenario.


Long live real life connection and that glance!!!