Five year olds, who speak better, do better.

According to research, children who can’t speak properly by the age of five have been said to be more likely to fail their SATS when they are older. Five year olds who were behind in their language skills were six times less likely to achieve good English SATS by age 11.

This English language disability also affects other subjects such as maths, about 21 per cent of them failed maths SATS at 11 in comparison to the two per cent who could speak really well.

Students from poorer backgrounds are also said to perform badly and are usually behind their peers by the age of five according to research conducted by the Department for Education. Children already struggling when they do start school are usually behind at every stage of their education and by the age of 40 earned an average of 20 per cent less than those who did not struggle.

Toddler’s minds could be set back for decades if their minds were not well stimulated during their nursery years according to a report published by the institute of child health at University College London and Save the Children.

The misconception that learning can wait till when children start school needs to be challenged because if they start behind they remain behind.

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