The are three things that make me happy: writing, cooking and helping others hoping I can make them happier.  I cook for everyone I know…my biggest two loves are my son and my mum who love my cooking and tell me, so this makes me happy back. My friends all get served a feast!

Starting this blogging site means I can write happily away on topics that probably won’t interest any other person on this planet, but fortunately on that fact I remain blissfully unaware. For now at least anyway. Eventually, I will hope to have some responses or interaction. If I don’t, I will have to soon rent out a ‘blogging response crowd’ or I might start to feel inadequate. But inadequate is different to unhappy – I will always love writing and have done since I first held a pen to paper as a child. No doubt I will continue to write until my dying day!

In today’s age, writing is a thing of the past, although I’m proud to admit that I still write to my friends on beautiful cards rather than email. Texting and emailing are no substitute for the written word!

On helping others… kindness is something I put high on my list of priorities. The saying ‘if you have a choice between the right thing and the kind thing, do the latter. It always turns out to be the right thing anyway’, is one of my favourite!

You don’t need to do big things for people, small gestures are equally, if not, more important. For example offering to help a mum with her buggy, or giving up a seat to a stranger more in need than us, is a good thing until ‘if looks could kill’ steps in.

I’m so focused on helping that I essentially manhandled a little old lady across the road who wasn’t as old as I thought! This is not a good idea, but its better to offer and be turned down, than not offer at all.

Fog and drizzle impaired my judgment regarding the old lady, so I will stick to keeping my friends and family happy with my cooking and handwritten cards!