Friendship and how it brings such joy

Moving from Yorkshire to the south in my late teens made me create a new family. I still kept my family of course, but I did not see them every day.  So my friends became my new family and some are in my life to this day. We have been through a lot together: career changes, births, marriages death and divorces!

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You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends. Unfortunately, with time, many of my friends have gone from regular catch-ups to a phone call to a quick text conversation and dinner every few months. This saddens me as my friends have inspired me, spurred me on and gave me strength at hard times in my life. They made me laugh even if I’ve felt rather unhappy.

 IMG_20131210_0062942They are all unconnected to each other but as important in their own different ways to me. I share at least one really memorable occasion with each one of them. One of these days I’m going to get them all in the same room together, where we can do our own special dance, and each one having heard about the other will join in the joy of it all. What an amazing day it will be! I must arrange it for this summer!  

It is also important to remember that new friends may be hiding behind a strangers face. It’s about taking the time to stop, say hello and have a chat! 

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I write this because today I met up with one of my best friends of all time, Pat Hulme! Twenty years ago we saw each other on a daily basis due to the school run. Today we went back to where we were, with no problem at all! Friends for life!

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Let me know if you share any special memories with your friends, it’s lovely to hear your wonderful stories.

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