Whatever your social background celebrate who you are and where you come from. Design your own destiny. There is a sunrise and a sunset every day. You are there for them both, bask in their beauty and let it make a difference to your life. Take the opportunities that come. We can make a difference easily if we take the time to research and consider our options. Resilience is essential if we want to keep going and bounce back quickly. Tune into your intuition and listen to what your body and mind is telling you. Listen to your gut, is an expression I’ve picked up from Will.I.AM on The Voice! No means no! Your body just knows.

Accepting that everything happens for a good reason is an important part of our growth. Sometimes certain events in life are meant to be and so happen they will. This doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to our fate, but you should always be aware that we cannot control everything. We need to go with the flow and adapt. Row the boat we are in and grow with each situation and every day. Then, when you are about to make a life changing leap, there will be no fear. Just reinvention!

Madonna is the mistress of reinvention as was David Bowie the master!

As fragile and inauthentic as our identities are, Bowie let us (and still allows us to) believe that we can really reinvent ourselves. In true fact, we can re-invent ourselves because our identities are so malleable and inauthentic. Somehow listening to his songs – even now- one hears extraordinary hope that we are not alone and this place can be escaped just for a day!

Do you think this is possible in normal life, do we have time and the energy for it in addition to our daily life?!

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