Lessons lost in time…fathers and their children

In a recent survey it has been found that three in ten fathers have never shown their child how to knot a tie, and 29% have never shown their child how to polish and buff their shoes. Many skills are being lost due to the fact that less and less fathers are spending time with their children and teaching them life skills. Some fathers complain that this is not through a lack of effort on their part but rather that children spend more time indoors and in front of a computer screen or attached to a consul.

The top 30 lessons lost in time are:

  1. building a tree house
  2. making a catapult
  3. catching a fish
  4. going crabbing
  5. repairing a bike puncture
  6. using a compass
  7. catching tadpoles
  8. building a fire
  9. looking at stars through a telescope
  10. reading a map
  11. playing Pooh sticks
  12. identifying birds
  13. pitching a tent
  14. learning the countryside code
  15. growing vegetables
  16. learning the names of trees
  17. using jumpers as goalposts to play football in the park
  18. tying a tie
  19. polishing and buffing shoes
  20. sex education
  21. washing a car
  22. building a den
  23. playing conkers
  24. making a daisy chain
  25. making a good cup of tea
  26. skimming a stone
  27. learning to manage money
  28. whistling a tune
  29. how to swim
  30. tying knots

I was talking to my colleague Soulla Christodoulou and she added teaching how to sew on a button or turn up a hem, how to change a light bulb, how to mow the lawn, learning the names of different embroidery stitches and how to adjust the heating thermostat as well as how to read a bank statement.

What other ‘lost’ skills would you add? I’d love to hear from you or indeed, what skills have you taught your children? Fathers, and of course mothers, are most welcome to comment.


Elisa x