Sir Bob Geldof – more than just a Boomtown rat!

Sir Bob Geldof features in today’s ‘Charity and the people behind them’ blog post series.

After writing about Mother Teresa I spent much of this week thinking about an article I read once about Bob Geldof and his take on Mother Teresa. Then I found this quote:

‘ She is one of the few people who have ever impressed me on sight. I was in awe of her. She held my hand as she left and said, “Remember this, I can do something you can’t do and you can do something that I can’t do. But we both have to do it.” ‘

Growing up in the 80s I remember him mostly vividly singing and in relation to Band Aid, set up in 1984, to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia and it is this which he is best known for. I recall those images to this day but equally remember how people got involved in raising funds. A “supergroup” of British musicians and singers recorded the single “Do They Know It’s Christmas”. It became the fastest selling single in UK history and raised over £8 million worldwide in funds for emergency aid to Ethiopia.

Sir Bob Geldof used what he knew best – music and the music industry – to help others. He did it with passion and commitment and got everybody involved through music. What a wonderful way to give back…through something we enjoy doing.

Give what you can, when you can.


Elisa x