Sports and Your Child

Children at Eton enjoy an amazing sporting life. There are plenty of opportunities to compete, they are competitive but pupils learn its not all about winning, its about putting your best in.

I’ve heard more and more schools are becoming mini Etons, borrowing its vocabulary and traditions. Trying to build or borrow world class sporting facilities. They are giving their own pupils the opportunity to develop their sporty side. Even if they are not going to be future Olympians, the opportunity to develop their best sporting skills is there.

Sport galvanises the community. If you get that right, the kids feel part of something. Ok,  they might not be using Eton’s £140,000 all-weather pitch but they are borrowing its ethos built on competitiveness both in sport and exams.

One school that is actually using that pitch, is a school seven miles away from Eton, called Holyport College in Berkshire. This school has been sponsored by Eton and now for the first time ever, girls are allowed onto its fields. Holyport aims to provide pupils from all backgrounds with the equipment of a private education.

If you could afford it, would you want your child at Eton? Does it give them a passport to a different life?

Until next time,