Top universities handed low marks for teaching

Students at some of Britain’s leading Universities have been extremely critical of the quality of teaching they have been receiving.

Bristol,  Edinburgh. King’s College London, Glasgow and the London School of Economics rank amongst the bottom 10 for academic feedback on student’s work despite belonging to the Russell Group of top British research universities.

Scottish Universities fill five of the bottom 10 places, the results are to shortly be released in full. The Government plans to test the quality of teaching in universities. Only those that pass this will be allowed to raise their tuition fees of £9,000 by the rate of inflation from 2017. Only one in three universities are expected to pass this tough new test.

The Universities Minister Jo Johnson has said that students are facing fees up to £9,000 a year, they deserve a less patchy teaching experience. There is also extraordinary teaching that deserves greater recognition.

This is causing concern for parents as students seem to rarely have classes or even workshops. Its seems most of their learning is independent! This is not a contract I want tax payers to underwrite.

Student’s satisfaction with lecturers is one of the major factors affecting national rankings in a table to be published.

Although students are famed for boozy nights and partying, they really do care about the teaching they receive, especially when they will be paying their loans back for the rest of their working lives.

I think we should be investing in their teaching, as we are relying on them becoming the shapers of the next generation.

How much do you know about University teaching?  Do you have children/grandchildren still at University? How do they feel?  I’d love to know.

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