Talking PANTS with your child or children in your care

I absolutely love this new awareness campaign from the NSPCC, a charity close to my heart and which, as a mother, always pulls at my heartstrings when I see their adverts on television.

The NSPCC has launched a new campaign to support parents and carers to talk to their children about staying safe from sexual abuse. This is not a new subject and one which many of us, as parents, carers and educators have thought about and approached with our own children and pupils. It is a subject which MUST be approached with sensitivity, care and in a way that does not alarm the children we are talking to.

The NSPCC suite of Talk PANTS materials feature Pantosaurus, a friendly pant-wearing dinosaur, and are designed to simplify the conversation and make it as easy as possible for parents to get this important chat underway. It’s easy. It’s not scary. But it is important.

Find out more about the campaign and access materials to help you get the conversation started at


Many thanks for joining me, Elisa x