The Samaritans – Giving your time and empathy…at the end of the phone.

In today’s blog post, as part of the Charity series, I’m thinking about those people who work in a full-time job, or who are bringing up their families, and then devote a few hours of their time to man the phones for charities like the Samaritans and Child Line and other charities which support those suffering from mental illness, depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse or bullying.

Giving our time to these charities, for free, is another valuable and rewarding way of getting involved and giving back when we don’t have disposable income to donate on a regular basis. Hundreds of charities rely on people giving their time, knowledge and expertise. Some businesses even encourage employees to go out and give a number of hours while still paying them; Waitrose is one of these through their Community Matters Partners Volunteering programme.

Let’s not forget how these people support those who cannot afford a counsellor or a therapist and who cannot, perhaps, talk to family or a friend. This is a vital life line for so many.

People desperately need advice or a listening ear in so many situations and those who give up their time at the end of the line must be commended for giving their time so willingly as well as their devotion, empathy and humanity.


Thank you for joining me, stay safe, Elisa x