Everyone writes lists – well I do!

Regardless of how many phones, tablets or computers we have, a written list seems to be the essential tool for the brain to digest what exactly we have to do in the short-term / long-term or immediate future.

I find sitting down to start a list is the worst idea! I’ll start off with one list, and within 20 minutes I find myself ending up with close to 10 separate lists all flowing from my idea to write a list. Reading up about it, the psychologists say it’s all about priority! Your brain is automatically programmed to order things  – what you need to do, what you need to buy, etc. There is nothing more therapeutic than ticking and crossing something off a list! This is because writing lists tricks your brain into thinking life is something we can control. Writing things down feels like the first step to making things happen.

I find lists are good for a lot of other things too :

Peace of mind – especially in my life! I’m on the go all day every day, with 101 things to do and look after.  As Els Jacobs, a professional organiser highlights, ‘your mind becomes overcrowded. With a to do list, you avoid forgetting something – and what you write down you can’t then let go. That’s the best way to create peace of mind’.

Creating your own time-capsule

Most people write a list of their goals and dreams, but I use it for my life in general. They call up memories, sets your wishes in order and makes you more aware of things!

I would caveat this whole post by admitting it is dangerous as well as beneficial! Eventually the ‘Things To Do’ become so overwhelming, I become more stressed than when I began at the prospect of how to fit all these tasks in.  The easiest way forward is to throw these all in the bin and start again.

Do you write copious lists?! What do you do with them? Let me know!