The Queen’s 90th Birthday

I stopped liking the Queen when princess Diana died or was killed!!! I will always remember Diana’s brother speaking at her funeral, and from that moment I erred on the side of the Spencers, totally in the belief that the conspiracy theory was true. To this day, I believe there was some truth in it but that is a discussion for another day. IMG_4523Now that my mother has aged and at present is 81, and quite frail with a failing memory, I look at the Queen and think “How do you do it??”

IMG_4375So Diana aside, I now feel a great urge of respect for the monarch who placed in our history books by accident (had her uncle not abdicated for the love of Mrs Simpson she would not be Queen and would most probably be sitting in an armchair dozing off like millions of other old age pensioners in this country) and who then consciously self sacrificed everything.IMG_4376Being a historian, I felt I wanted to give a little rundown of her life through these photographs and say how true was this saying “Long Live the Queen”

My two favourite quotes from the Queen are “Like all families, we have our own share of eccentricities” and “Throughout all my life and with all my heart, I shall strive to be worthy of your trust”.